Sushi - Ramen - Dim Sum

Co Chin Chin

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  • Address: Gasometerstrasse 7, 8005 Zürich
  • near Langstrasse

A very nice Vietnamese Restaurant and a trendy spot because its’s mostly crowded. Brunch is also available or I recommend to go for a late lunch to have some space. Good Food & Good Mood !


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  • Address: Bäckerstrasse 39, 8004 Zürich
  • near Helvetiaplatz

I eat Ramen quite regularly since I have been in Japan.

Ikoo offers great Ramenbowls for lunch and dinner.

Kai Sushi

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  • Address: Lessingstrasse 3, 8002 Zürich
  • near Sihlcity

Good quality Sushi, made with love and warming green tea beside.

For Lunch, Dinner or Take-away to eat outside by the river.

Beside sushi my favorite dish here are the Tonkatsu with Udon-noodles.

Lucky Dumpling

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  • Address: Langstrasse 10, 8004 Zurich
  • @ Langstrasse

This place offers great dumplings and other very nice cuisine.

You can see the staff how the fill and fold the dumplings. 


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  • Address: Bönirainstrasse 4, 8800 Thalwil

Small but excellent Sushi-restaurant in Horgen, but totally worth the 40 minutes train ride from the main station.

Beside Japan - this is one of the best Sushi-places.

Miki Ramen

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  • Address: Sihlfeldstrasse 63, 8002 Zürich
  • near Lochergut

Ramen, Ramen, Ramen, what else can I say?


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  • Address: Stadelhoferstrasse 10, 8001 Zürich
  • near Stadelhofen train station

A place to grab so some Dim Sum of choice, you can choose of different fillings and create your own plate. Only one tram stop away from the main station, also good option to take away for a small snack during shopping or after work. Try the Hibiscus Lemonade.


  • - Link -
  • Address: Drahtzugstrasse 5, 8008 Zürich
  • near Hegibachplatz

A Korean Restaurant in the middle of Zurich. My favourite dish : Sugogi BiBimBap. It‘s like fried rice in a hot stone bowl.

Miss Miu

  • - Link -
  • Address: Europaallee 48, 8004 Zürich
  • at Europaallee

Newly stylish Korean Restaurant near the main station. From Ramen to Korean BBQ all you need for a delicious lunch or dinner.


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  • Address: Europaallee 12, 8004 Zürich
  • at Europaallee

Lovely Asian restaurant with amazing interior design.


  • - Link - 
  • Address: Zentralstrasse 53, 8003 Zürich
  • near  Wiedikon

This great restaurant offers Japanese Izakaya - tastes like being back in Japan. One of my absolute favourites. Here I'd like to go eat for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries


  • - Link -
  • Address: Augustinergasse 3, 8001 Zürich
  • near St. Peters Church / Paradeplatz

Good asian kitchen in the high price category but quite a cool place for a special occasion like a birthday lunch / dinner. Check if you can sit outside in summer and escape a little the hustling of the Paradeplatz.

Tenz Momos 

  • - Link -
  • Address: Badenerstrasse 256, 8004 Zürich
  • @Lochergut

The first time I ate Momos was at a Street Food Festival.

Since then I enjoy these Tibetian specialities.

Cozy Place, amazing Food & well located


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  • Address: Hallwylstrasse 43, 8004 Zürich
  • near  Selnau

Good sushi - reasonable prices, in the heart of Zurich a small place.


  • - Link - 
  • Address: Badenerstrasse 120, 8004 Zürich
  • near Bezirksgebäude

Interior goals exceeded, the whole place is full of plants and comfortable seats.

Yuma offers Asian and Fusion kitchen, Gua-Bao-Burger is amazing.

Yume Ramen

  • - Link - 
  • Address: Reitergasse 6, 8004 Zürich
  • near Sihlpost

Of course another Ramen spot in the heart of Zurich near the Zurich main station. Beside Ramen they offer chicken karaage and also dumplings.