Coffee Shops &

Tea Houses & 



Stop by to grab a breakfast, get a coffee during  your break

or go for brunch on weekends, 

Zurich offers you so many lovely Cafés for relaxing and slow down.


Below a list where I like to go and what I can recommend:



  •  -here-
  • Address: Löwenstrasse 1, 8001 Zürich
  • near Löwenplatz

Babus Bakery is a little bit more well known and mostly crowded.

They have a delicious Strawberry-Tart and the waffles are amazing.

For curing your hangover I recommend the "Roastbeef-Bagel" or

"Rösti mit Wiedikerli". It's pricey but from time to time affordable I would say.


  • - Link -
  • Address: Molkenstrasse 15, 8004 Zurich
  • @Helvetiaplatz

Bank as the name already implies is located in a former bank building.

In March 2016 the Café & Bakery Bank opened. They serve delicious brunch.

When arriving you receive a small menu-sheet where you can tick the boxes to order.

Bros Beans & Beats

  • - Link -
  • Address: Gartenhofstrasse 27, 8004 Zürich
  • near Bahnhof Wiedikon

 As you maybe know I am not a coffee-lover, but still Bors Bean & Beats is a lovely coffee shop and they offer more than only coffee.


  • -here-
  • Address: Werdstrasse 54, 8004 Zürich
  • near Stauffacher

Bubbles developed to one of my favourite Brunch-Place on Sundays.

The people there are super friendly, and the food prices are very reasonable.

Order your own dish or use the "Pirate-Plate" to try the food from your mates.

Café des Amis

  • - Link -
  • Address: Nordstrasse 88, 8037 Zürich 
  • in Wipkingen

A small hide away in the middle of Wipkingen.

Café des Amis - Bar et Bistro offers delicious brunch and I can really recommend the crêpes.


Café Elena

  • - Link -
  • Address: Neumühlequai 10, 8001 Zürich 
  • near Zurich mainstation

A wall full of roses, velvet chairs and marble tables, pure girlyness!

Smoothies and bagels to enjoy the afternoon, but they also serve deliciouse brunch.

Café du Bonheur

  • -Link-
  • Address: Zypressenstrasse 115, 8004 Zürich
  • near Albisriederplatz

Having a great time at the Café du Bonheur. At this place friends & family from the blocks around come together which is really lovely. Therefore, please note that especially a lot of children will be there.

Café Lang

  • -Link-
  • Address: Limmatplatz 7, 8005 Zürich 
  • @Limmatplatz

A casual stop before I am heading to work. Coffee and tea and nice croissant are the perfect way to start into the day.

Cupcake Affair

  • - Link -
  • Address: Spitalgasse 10, 8001 Zürich     
  • Near Central Library

I stop by sometimes for one of the delicious Cupcakes of this small shop. It offers you a warm welcome with a few tables inside and a bench outside.

No matter if you‘re in a hurry and take one to go or if you wanna sit down, a cupcake is it worth.  Ask for the Cupcake of the day!

Grand Café Lochergut

  • - Link -
  • Address: Badenerstrasse  230 , 8004 Zürich
  • @Lochergut

With influence of the Oriental and Mediterranean kitchen the Grand Café is a lively and lovely place for everyone. The pancakes and the bagel egg Benedict are delicious. During warmer weather you can also enjoy your coffee outside.


  • -here
  • Address: Rennweg 53, 8001 Zürich
  • @Rennweg

Honold the place to eat breakfast on a Saturday morning with the family is one of my favourite childhood memories. In my opinion they serve the best "Butterbrezel" in the world. Followed by the tasty cheese crumpets and the Birchermüesl with whipped cream.

Kafi Dihei

  •  -here-
  • Address: Zurlindenstrasse 231, 8003 Zürich
  • near Albisriederplatz

A little more quiet and hidden is the lovely Kafi Dihei.

As the name already says - it feels like home, actually more like Grandma's living room. I love their waffles for breakfast with hot berry sauce or a homemade porridge and in the afternoon they serve freshly baked scones. 

Kafi Freud

  • -Link-
  • Address: Schaffhauserstrasse 118, 8057 Zürich 
  • near Milchbuck 

Kafi Freud is a lovely, small and green cafe, near the university Irchel.

Therefore you find there a lot of students. It's a nice place for breakfast in a calm atmosphere. They even can offer you a vegan "Gipfeli".

Kleine Freiheit

  • -Link-
  • Address: Weinbergstrasse 38, 8006 Zürich
  • near Zurich. Central

Welcome to Kleine Freiheit or translated little freedom.

This is one of my favorites in summer, sit outside and enjoy the sun.


  •  -here-
  • Address: Lagerstrasse 104 8004 Zürich
  • near Europa Allee

Looking for a place for drinking coffee with your friends?

A place with calm atmosphere to work or study?

or a place to sit down after strolling through the lovely shops of Europa Allee? Kosmos is the place to be.

La Stanza

  • -Link-
  • Address: Bleicherweg 10, 8002 Zürich 
  • near Paradeplatz 

Small café who serves great coffee to start perfectly well into the day. Unfortunately, they do not have tea. However, the pastries are great.

Le Raymond

  •  -here-
  • Address: Bleicherweg 8, 8001 Zürich
  • near Paradeplatz

With a nice view to over the Schanzengraben, Le Raymond is a great option for breakfast to start into the day and in the evening the bar offers a great variation of drinks and cocktails.


  • -Link-
  • Address: Kappelergasse 16, 8001 Zürich
  • near Paradeplatz

After shopping spree at the Bahnhofstrasse, take a break at the Milchbar for a cup of coffee / tea.  A nice place in the heart of Zurich, near the lake with an outside seating area in the courtyard.


  • - Link -
  • Address: Bärengasse 20, 8001 Zürich 
  • Near Paradeplatz

This lovely Japanese touched Café designed by Sara Hochuli and her partner is just lovely. A little pricey, but the afternoon tea can really be recommended, great scones and a lot of nice tea blends. When looking for a sugar rush, one of the cake pieces is exactly the thing you need. 

Monocle Café

  • -Link-
  • Address: Dufourstrasse 90, 8008 Zürich
  • at Seefeld

Monocle creates my favourite travel guides and now they opened up a Café in Zurich. Enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the paper or figuring out what you should take home from the Monocle store.


  • - Link -
  • Address: Schützengasse 7, 8001 Zürich 
  • Near Bahnhofstrasse

During weekdays mornings wonderfully quiet. I often come here for breakfast before work as it's so close to Zurich main station. Palette offers a comfy atmosphere for a coffee or tea. It's a lovely designed place and great for having some talks and also for work.

Pension zum guten Glück

  • -here-
  • Address: Stationsstrasse 7, 8007 Zürich
  • near Bahnhof Wiedikon

Looking for great waffles or pancakes or puffers (mini pancakes) ?

Café zum guten Glück is a cafe, a bar and a bed & breakfast in the middle of Wiedikon. After a long night out, this place offers you a hearty breakfast to cure your hangover for sure.

Seehallen Kaffeerösterei Horgen

  • -here-
  • Address: Seestrasse 91, 8810 Horgen
  • near Horgen main station

A little outside  of Zurich in Horgen, there is this lovely coffee roastery.

Egg, waffles, pancakes everything you need for a hearty breakfast.


  • -here-
  • Address: Hardturmstrasse 66, 8005 Zürich
  • near Escher-Wyss-Platz

Bar, Buch, Bühne = Bar, Books, Stage

I mostly go there for being a little creative. It has this poetic atmosphere which makes me feel productive. I go there especially for studying and reading.


  • -Link-
  • Address: Franklinstrasse 9, 8050 Zürich
  • near Bahnhof Oerlikon

Finally a lovely cafe opened up in Oerlikon. Try one of their delicious Stulle and stay for a while.


169 West

  • -Link-
  • Address: Weststrasse 169, 8003 Zürich
  • near Bahnhof Wiedikon

Breakfast, tea time, wine time, the 169 West offers something tasty any time a day. A fresh croissant, home made granola and delicious appetizers.