Rome, IT

All roads lead to Rome


Rome, the capital of Italy and the main place for good food.

A lot to do and a lot to see. Beside all the historic and antique monuments Rome offers, there are a lot of modern art to be found.

Escaping for a view days for having amazing Pizza and Pasta



·       Coloseum

·       Forum Romanum

·       Fontana die Trevi

·       Pantheon

·       Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II

·       National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

·       Maxxi

·       Modern Art Gallery



·       Babingtons Tea-Room

·       Antico Café Greco

·       Romeow

·       Coromandel

·       Porto Fluviale



·       Avocado Bar Monti

·       Irma

·       La Veranda

·       Li Rioni a Santiquattro

·       Alembic

·       Da Tonino - Trattoria Bassetti



·       Jerry Thomas Speakeasy

·       The Race Club

·       The Gin Corner