Riga, LV

Why not Latvia?


Don't ask me why, but for so long I had the intention of going to Riga and I instantly fell in Love with this city.

Riga was in my mind for so a long time and I definitely go back some day.


So beautiful buildings, hidden place and coffee shops. Rent a bike and explore the city by yourself.


For all the people who loves jewelry buy a piece of amber I where my rings nearly every day.


Within a 30 minutes train ride you reach the beach on the north coast with a lot of beach clubs.


I explored there also my new favorite shop, who finally opened up a online shop.

But unfortunately most of the pieces are only available in the shop.

Paviljons: Store



  • House of Blackheads
  • Cat House
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Church
  • Alberta Iela (Jugendstil)
  • Jurmala Beach
  • Market Halls


  • Index-Cafe 
  • Istaba-Cafe
  • Miit Cafe
  • Niklavs
  • Lido
  • Central Market  
  • Bergs Bazar


  • Skyline bar
  • Spot Cafe
  • Shot Cafe