Trip to the Western Part of Switzerland

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I went for a Weekend Trip / Anniversary Weekend with my boyfriend to Lausanne and the surrounding areas.


On Friday afternoon we started driving to the West, with luckily not much traffic.

First, we went to Charmey where we took a coffee-break and had meringue with cream

and an apple tarte at the Hotel Cailler, which are specialties from this area.

Right beside the hotel is Les Bains de Gruyère, a beautiful wooden building

with a spa and different baths.  It was very relaxing after a very busy week at work.


Later we continued to drive to Cully where our hotel was located.

In the evening we strolled through the small town of Vevey and searched

for a restaurant. We ended up eating Pizza at an Italian.


On Saturday, we got up early in order to spend the day in Lausanne. Unfortunately, the weather was grey and rainy, but it was not that bad so we spent more time in coffee houses. For breakfast we went to the Black Bird Breakfast Club, which is famous for their pancakes - Delicious.


We walked a little around the centre of the city and went through some stores. Manor opened their first Sephora-section in a store, and I was like in heaven. For coffee-breaks we stopped at Café des Artisan and the Culture Café where we had a tea and worked a little.


We walked through the Flon-Quarter and took there an Apéro at Cipriano’s – good Bruschetta and a well done Cosmopolitan.


For dinner we booked a table at Eat Me. I think it’s a very in-place in Lausanne.

Their concept is to serve portions in tapas-size but from all over the world, like Shrimp-Lollipops or Mini-Tacos. Amazing food, good drinks and the ambience just matched – we spent a really lovely evening. I will definitely go again, when I am the next time in Lausanne.


I really love Lausanne it's a beautiful city who has this special charme.

It's not that snobby like Geneva but still has class.  


I've chosen to go on Saturday to Lausanne and my boyfriend decided what we do on Sunday.

Lucky him it was the last day of the car-saloon, so we drove off to Geneva.

I am not really into cars, but he felt like in paradise.



Find here some tips & places: - Link -


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