Getting Greener

I already had the design in my mind, so I just went to the shop to get the supplies and started building my own little garden. I could choose between a lot of different plants / succulents and whatever they been called. I asked the staff there a lot of questions, because I have no clue about plants, and I do not have a green thumb. I've liked the thorny succulents (cacti) more than the leavy succulents, so I have decided to go for them.


I bought 8 plants (4 bigger ones and 4 small ones), together with a white bowl, botting soil and decorative stones.



At home a filled the bottom of the bowl with a little earth and placed the small pots where I wanted to have the plants. Then I filled up the rest of the botting soil and on the top I filled it up with little stones.

These plants need a lot of sunlight, so I placed my little garden on my desk directly in front of my balcony. Further, I decorated it with a wooden elephant, a Japanese shrine from Kyoto and a figure from the Moomin-Café in Tokyo.

My Planting-Playlists:

  • Dennis Lloyd - Act I: We Both Go Down
  • Dennis Lloyd - Act II: Can't Go Back
  • Dennis Lloyd - Act III: The Reason
  • Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Cocaine Jesus
  • Tom Grennan - First Day of the Sun
  • James Hersey - Juliet

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    Marc (Samstag, 14 Oktober 2017 21:52)

    Such nice, much plant, many interest�