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- Dear All, Hello and Welcome to my first Blog Post -


First things First: about Me.

My name is Malou, I am currently 18 years young and live near Zurich, those are the facts you need to know. When I was younger I wrote mostly every evening diary

- so this will be like an open diary.


 Firstly I just wanted to do a Travel-Blog, because I love travelling and taking pictures.

Also I wanted to share experiences, hidden places and memories from where I have been. Also a reason is my Interrail-Travel this summer.

A blog is a cool way to note down things like this for me and others.

I never did something similar like this so I literally don't know what I am doing.


Hope you like it ! :)



Addition from  January 2017


Up and up came other ideas like:

Because I really like to cook an bake. (unfortunately I don't do this a lot)

When I get home late after work I mostly not in the mood to cook big meals.

Also I am a little bit choosy and fussy in case of food so the variety of my meals is a little limited. On weekends I enjoy it to do Brunch's and from time to time baking muffins, cupcakes or cakes.



Another important topic on this blog will be my hometown  Zurich.

Firstly I started with restaurant, coffee shops and bars. I want now to continue find new spots and small places in one of my favorite cities.  If you have any recommendations or no nice place, feel free to write a note.



...So stay tuned whats coming...



xx M


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