Christmas Feelings

...It gets colder outside...


 - Days get shorter - Nights get longer - 


I still have an 8 to 5 job and afterwork I want to get home cuddle myself into blankets and enjoy how candles lighten up my room.


Candle Dipping


One of my favourite things to do in winter beside of visiting Christmas-markets is candle dipping. 

I love the smell of bee ‘s wax and it really calms you down. Of course, patience is needed, but with a little effort real artwork can be created.



Below a picture of my candles:

Also, for getting a little Christmas Spirit and being warmth from the inside...

The best solution:



Mulled Win (Special Gin Edition)


- Cinnamon Sticks

- Star Anise

- Cloves

- Cardamom Pods

- Vanilla Pods

- Orange Slices

- 50ml per glass Sloe Gin (Sipsmith or Monkey 47)

- Cloudy Apple Juice



I need to wait for the Sipsmith Sloe Gin, so pictures will follow :)

On the really cold days when fluff-socks, UGG-boots and winter-coats doesn't spend enough warmth. 

Take a relaxing bath:


- Lush - Bath Bombs

- Kneipp - Bath Oils

- Sephora - Bath Bowls

- L'Occitane -Terre de Lumiere


It’s also very easy to make your own bath salt:

- 1/2 cup of brown sugar

- 1/2 cup of Himalaya salt

- 3 spoons coconut oil

- 10 drops of a lavender or rose oil

stir well and relax

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