My own Business Cards

After my Blog, came a little more alive this year, the idea popped up to do my own business cards. I think it's cool to hand out my friends & family a card that I created for something that I've also created.

aaand here they are: ...

Website : Vistaprint

Design : Deluxe-Edition, vertical

Price : 100 cards - 20 CHF

How to create a Card:


  1. Do a draft, if you already have a concept or a design in mind
  2. Choose a webpage of your country where you would like to create your card.
  3. Below you see some designs that I considered. Take your time to find your special one.

These elements below I wanted to have on my card:



  • My Name 
  • Blog Name


  • Full Name
  • Logo
  • (Job Title)
  • Web-address
  • Mail-address
  • QR-Code


Depending on for what you use your business card you can of course add your phone number, address, other social media, etc.

Before ordering: Save it, leave it and come back a few days later and check

if you still like it.

Double check your grammar, address, links, etc. to make sure everything is correct and on it's right place

I am so happy with those cards and

very proud to show them everyone.

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