You always have time

for a Cup of Tea

Fortnum & Mason

The most luxurious department store in the world, since 1707, Fortnum & Mason provide a treasure trove of hampers, tea, coffee & sweet treats.

Fortnum & Mason belongs to my absolute favourite teas ever.

Whether in teabags or loose leaves very enjoyable.


  • Breakfast Blend
  • Afternoon Blend
  • St. Pancras Blend
  • Royal Blend
  • Irish Breakfast
  • Gun Powder

Bar Harbor Tea Company


An Irish Breakfast tea made in the North of Maine.



Roiboos  Kalahari with Hibiscus.

Perfect for cooling down and enjoy as Ice Tea.



Capetown Rooibos


From Teehaus Wühre, a 130 years old tea house from Zurich.

Unfortunately, the store closed but it's available online.

A South African aromatic Rooibos tea.

Milk or no Milk that's the question.




Japan Sencha Green Tea


From Schwarzenbach, an amazing tea-store in the old town of Zurich.

This one is a biological Japanese green tea.


Lung Ching China Green Tea


From Schwarzenbach, an amazing tea-store in the oldtown of Zurich.

This one is a biological Chinese green tea.


Kyo - No - Kabusecha


A very nice Green Tea I brought home from Japan.

I think this is my favourite green tea ever.

Unfortunately, only very high priced available in Switzerland...



Picdilly Blend, a very floral parfumed black tea.

Actually I only bought it because of the beautiful little tin. The tea is too parfumed for me,

but it makes a great ice tea.

A.C. Perch Thehandel


I like to bring back tea from different places.

From Copenhagen I brought some Danish breakfast tea.