Drinking Habits

To Gin or Not to Gin?


Below some  bottles of our Gin-Gallery. 


Let the Drinks beGin

Please note that you need to be over 18 / 21 to drink alcoholic

beverages containing Gin.

Monkey 47 - Schwarzwald


A good classic Gin, The Monkey 47, goes well along with a Thomas Henry Tonic.

Tanqueray Bloomsbury - England

I am not a great fan of Vodka, only in a Cosmopolitan,

so I like to drink my Moscow Mule with Gin.

This Gin together with ginger beer and lemon juice.

Reel Gin - Shetland


This Gin is made in Shetland and is infused by sea kelp.

You do not actually taste the seaweed , but it gives a special note.

To add a little Swiss note I use a Swiss Mountain Spring Tonic with this Gin.

Kirkjuvager - Orkney


An Orkney Gin with a wonderful bottle, that I will use later maybe as a vase.

This one I like to enjoy with a 1724 Tonic Water.

Turicum - Zurich


This Gin is named after the old Latin name of Zurich - Turicum.

I like this in in combination with a Gents Tonic.

Jinzu - England

 I like the Japanese Design of this English Gin.

This one goes very well with a Japanese Tonic Water from Migros.

Tarquin's - Cornwall

 This is a great Gin from a small distillery in Cornwall.

Very nice with notes of elderflower and pink grapefruit.

This one works great with a Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic

or a Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic.

Breil Pur - Brigels

 Swiss made Gin from Brigels, great in combination with a Fentimans Botanical Tonic.

Ingenium - New England

  This Maine Gin is a regular one 

and tastes great with Q Tonic Water.

Georgian Bay - Ontario

When the Gin comes from Canada so should the Tonic Water - matching to this I would like to recommend the Canada Dry Tonic Water.

Ginuine Strawberry-Winterthur 


This is the Gin, who belongs into one of my favorite drinks:

The Strawberry - Basil - Smash

together with a Fever Tree Tonic, of course fresh Basil and

some splatters of aceto balsamico & done.


Thank me later.

Windspiel Germany

A German Gin, who tastes best with the matching Windspiel Tonic Water.

Gin Mare, Spain

This Gin is the perfect match together with rosmary and a

Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Macronesian White Gin

This Gin produced on the Canary Island offers you a botanical taste and it goes great with an Indi Botanical Tonic.

The Botanist, UK

With some botanical tonic, the Botanist is a very enjoyable Gin.

Sipsmith, UK

One of my favorites, together with a Noe 1883 Mendrisio Tonic.

Boar Gin, Schwarzwald

Edinburgh Gin, Scotland

Harris Gin Scotland

Vielmeer Gin, Germany

Citadelle, France

Danica, Denmark