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25. Mai 2019
Click here to find my very detailed packing list, so no item gets left behind.
07. Juli 2017
Here are my recommendations for travel planning. How I proceed for searching a destination and tips for finding a cheap accommodation and how to travel save.

25. Mai 2017
About my latest April - Weekend trip to London, UK. Reunited with my Family and wonderful city. Good Food - Good People - Good Vibes - Good Times London belongs to my Top 5 Cities in Europe and always worth to go on a trip. Also take a look to my favorite spots and places to go, to chill, to drink.
19. März 2017
This is a blog post about my rainy but wonderful and lovely anniversary weekend with my boyfriend in the western part of Switzerland. The western part is quite calmer than the wild wild West as you usually know it. Full of coffee shops and restaurants and bars and a lot of lovely other places.

09. September 2016
Read here about my journey in Summer 2k16 and be inspired. Find also my favourite places in those memorable cities.
01. Juli 2016
Hello Internet, My name is Malou and this is my Blog. Find here News and Updates about: Zurich - Travel - Food - Lifestyle