Be Organized

ready & prepared for 2018


I'm old school and still use a hard cover planner.

Having everything noted down in my phone where it can be deleted so fast is not imaginable for me.

This agenda is literally my life, without this book I would be so lost. In this agenda you‘ll find birthdays, meetings, dinner-dates, etc.


Sticky notes, loose papers or a note book doesn’t matter. Write down your notes to be reminded of things. With a funky note book it’s also more fun.


Laying out all things in the rooms, steals a lot of space. Use boxes, whether you buy new ones or use old shoe boxes. Put your stuff inside & out of your way. Order the boxes according to the priority of your stuff.

Bags and Etuis:

I own a lot of little stuff and dust catchers, beside from that it helps me to sort things and keep them in ordered.


Don’t use ordinary folder.

Put some colourful or patterned folders into your shelf. This way I kind of have more fun when filing and storing documents.

Use your own bags:

Beside from starting organised into 2018, I also would like to start being more ecological... So, I already started and I want to continue to bring my own bags for grocery and shopping.

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